Innovative Thinking Makes Ram Tough and Smart

Working hard and working smart go hand in hand with Ram Chassis Cab. The available 7-inch customizable full-colour in-cluster display centre connects you to important vehicle data, the electrical interface module controls upfits with ease, and the advanced safety innovations provide peace of mind. Keep pace with the latest technology in Ram Chassis Cab.   

Ram Technology

7-inch Customizable Full-Colour In-Cluster Display Centre

Hands-Free Communication

Ram Chassis Cab - Hands-free communication
Uconnect - Ram Technology

Uconnect Multimedia Centres

Park-Sense Front and Rear Park Assist System

Park-Sense Assist System - Ram Chassis Cab
Electronic Stability Control - Ram Chassis Cab

Standard Electronic Stability Control (ESC)

Best-in-Class 440-Amp Dual Alternators

Dual Alternators - Ram Safety
Ram Chassis Cab - Module

Upfitter Electrical Interface Module